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Andrew is a Hampshire based artist who works to commission in oil, pastel, or charcoal to create realistic, distinctive portraits that are as unique as their subjects.


Any subject is considered and medium, size, number of subjects and background can be tailored to fit your individual requirements. As a rough guide prices start from around £600 for an A3 (head and shoulders) charcoal drawing, and around £900 for similar in oil on linen.


The commissioning process is simple; initial contact can be made via email and once some details are established an accurate quotation can be provided.


If you choose to proceed a meeting is usually arranged to meet the subject/subjects, take reference photographs and agree on the finer details.

In the case of posthumous portraits, where geography is an issue or if you have a favourite image, commissions can be undertaken using your existing photographs, but this is only possible if they are of sufficient detail and clarity, and if they possess the right qualities of lighting and composition.


A deposit of around a third of the total cost is required prior to work commencing.


Time scales differ due to complexity and workload, but every effort will be made to accommodate your specific needs, and once all details are agreed work can begin in the studio. You would be notified on completion, and again once your painting/drawing is ready for collection.


If the finished artwork meets all your expectations the balance of payment would be due. In the case of delivery by courier this would be added to the total amount, and dispatch would take place following final payment.